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Special Note:
Recently found that some criminals counterfeiting fraud recruitment company name, hoping to identify job seekers to carefully avoid being taken to avoid unnecessary losses. In this statement, I never take telephone interview method, the interview will not be charged any fees; I did not Shaoguan in Guangdong and other places to establish training bases, nor any form of pre-employment training organization.
First, the Careers
1, recruiters Declaration
Join the elite high growth companies will always be an indispensable driving force.
We know that: talent is the first element of pharmaceutical companies, it is almost the only factor. We are convinced: only shortage of talent, there is no saturation posts. We continue to pursue progress and innovation, to provide staff to display their talent, successful career stage. Look forward to your joining, medicine and health security to grow and create more brilliant future.
Jian An philosophy: exclusive, academic marketing and widespread after-sales service network;
Jian An Development Goals: to be the most extensive and most professional service provider of clinical end;
Jian An Mission: Dedicated to the general patient services, medical, and public health services.
2, the benefits
Social insurance: pension insurance, basic medical insurance, maternity insurance, industrial injury insurance, unemployment insurance
Business Insurance: Tai Ping Insurance Company Limited to purchase personal accident insurance
Paid annual leave: paid annual leave each year to enjoy at least 5 days
Training system: orientation, job training, etc.
Other 3-October 200 yuan / month fee herbal tea, 3 / dinner meal and the protection of the company's medical plan
3, time attendance
Standard working hours 8 hours attendance time: 8:30 ~ 12:00 lunch break: 12:00 ~ 13:15 back ground time: After 17:00 Closed: Saturday and Sunday; statutory rest days
Second, the employment concept
1, the common concept of quality as the most important
Skills and abilities can be learned, in line with the corporate culture is good personal habits and personal qualities related to long-term training needs. Jian An employment, to Germany first.
2, bit mapping, elements of a useful
According to staff personal characteristics, weaknesses, can not do work for the staff, the company will be trained to competency, training can not meet job requirements, employees can be transferred to the post, its capabilities and job requirements in order to match "No person can not only useless good of the people."
3, individual innovation is the source of value creation
In order to give full play to each person the spirit of innovation, the company's individuality and the importance of individual diversity, self-discipline is to create the driving force behind the results.
4, the result is to increase the positive reward system for the core
Results have been achieved on a fair evaluation, in accordance with the contribution of individuals and organizations, the implementation of incentives.
5, equality of opportunity is the basis of trust
According to the quality of each employee's ability and provide a fair chance.
6, the long-term vision is to organize the personnel and the basic idea of ​​operation
A system of long-term view to promoting the personnel decisions and related activities.