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 Southwest Regional Manager Chen Kunhe

 Southwest Region, located in the southwestern border of China, including Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou provinces and Chongqing municipality, the total area of ​​2,365,800 square kilometers, accounting for 24.6% of land area, population 19,494 million. Vast territory, large population, abundant resources, but there is complex terrain, transport facilities and so on.
 Southwest China Han, mixed minorities, is one of the birthplaces of Chinese culture. In the geopolitical, Southwest has two significant features: First, take the Yangtze River, Hu Shi south. "Warring? Yan policy ": "Shu to the A, boat floating in the Timor, by the summer water xiajiang, five days to Ying. " Second, the clouds pass, easily defensible. Quiet Night, extremely difficult.
Southwest Region, specializing in clinical academic promotion, adverse reactions monitoring service. Annual sales of 40 million yuan. Southwest Region in a pragmatic manner and efficient professional with more than 100 hospitals to establish a long-term, close relations of cooperation, continue to improve and perfect in all academic disciplines in a strong, high-quality network of experts, in addition to rather than the strength of business partners.
Southwest Area There are 4, 22 offices, more than 100 employees. Employees accounted for 80% of college education, management bachelor degree or above accounted for 80%, 20% master's degree. Current development needs of the market, teams are constantly enrich and improve the management and staff at all levels of ability to work.
Southwest Region and Chongqing, Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou Business Companies (Special Drugs goods Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Chongqing Branch, Chongqing Tong Junge Co. pharmaceutical wholesale subsidiary, Sichuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Yunnan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Guiyang Pharmaceutical Company, etc.) to establish a long-term friendly relations of cooperation, to protect the company's efficient operation of business logistics, the company's distribution of species cover more than 80% of the large southwestern hospital. And adhere to the "dedication to patient service, medicine, health services" with provincial and municipal tendering companies, Food and Drug Administration, Health Department, commercial, taxation and other administrative departments to establish a long-term integrity of the relationship.
Southwest Region has been actively advocating the promotion of academic-based, after several years of efforts, the sales network throughout the Southwest has a good reputation and a good corporate image of the tree, the health safety culture to the southwest, into each bit medical staff and patients of the side.
"Joining Kin and meet the challenge" is the slogan of every health Anren familiar with which we fought for power source, I believe the correct guidance in the leadership of the company, the Southwest District will go higher and farther!