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 Central Region Manager David Asaka

Central Region under the jurisdiction of Zhengzhou, Luoyang, Shandong, Anhui Area 4. 230 employees, including management of large areas and Area 48, 182 members of medical information.
Large central area for some important things to go through the regional leadership team decided that the development and implementation of the measures have been adopted only after discussion of the implementation. We fully mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative, the real masters of the spirit of play. Central Region aims to develop an outstanding team, care and support to help employees solve problems (including the ideological issues, market issues, life issues), the outbreak of the potential to stimulate, motivate and assist staff to complete work to improve the sense of growth and accomplishment.
Large areas in the establishment of "three platforms": First, to create a smooth and harmonious communication platform; Second, to create a practical, bold and innovative work environment. Third, the creation of a learning team, encouraging them to learn and continuously improve their own quality and management level.
"One to carry out": healthy competition among the four patches to form a starting a competitive landscape. At the same time adequate communication between Area and communication. Can learn from successful experiences, it is best not to copy.
Adhere to the "three principles": the principle of seeking truth from facts, the principle of openness and transparency, all the principles of the market. Region functions as an extension of the headquarters, but should be managed as the center, to serve for the purpose of telling the truth and do practical things. The establishment of the Central Region of responsibilities, clear all levels of management responsibilities, rights and interests, so that we monitor and enforce, and fully mobilize and play to all levels of management initiative and creativity.
Jian An of academic promotion is one of the three magic weapons, Central Region will be interpreted to promote the academic, and every Area of ​​the market reality and give full play to the role of academic promotion, the use of magic to enhance the academic promotion of the company's image, strengthen Expert knowledge and understanding of the product.
Central Region of the efforts of the elite in you will be able to fight better results, to meet a more brilliant tomorrow!
Based on the future for tomorrow
For today, tomorrow, based on