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Guo Zhengshi in the South Regional Manager 
        South District in Wuhan City, Hubei Province where the political, economic and cultural center. Area in the South Zone under the jurisdiction of Hubei, Hunan Area, Jiangxi Area, has 13 offices in more than 120 employees. Nearly 30 people including management staff, accounting for 25% of the total number of employees; medical information of more than 90 members, accounting for 75% of the total number of employees.
         Large areas to the "market, the service line as the fundamental starting point" of management thinking, and strive to "open, fair and transparent" principle, and gradually improve and standardize the management, the region functions as an extension of the company's management role in the full play. Will also strive to create a reasonable and appropriate competitive work atmosphere for staff to display their talent and potential, to show their stage, to create a united, progressive, efficient, excellent combat team.
   Hubei Area currently has five offices, has a staff of 43. The face of a large number of subjective and objective questions, large area, business development for the Area will be the top priority, focusing on the purpose of development, gradually unify thinking, standardized management, the long-term sustainable development of Hubei Area to build a good foundation.
   Area consists of four offices in Hunan, a staff of 39. As the first company set up offices in one of the places, the development of Hunan Area Health Anren devoted efforts of many, and finally the establishment of a dynamic, energetic team. In the face of changing market conditions, Hunan Area information at all levels of managers and front-line staff work together to give full play to the team the power to overcome difficulties, confidence in the future work of a higher level.
   Jiangxi Area currently has four offices, 26 employees. Have a stand the test of the market, rather combat team, after a great test of internal and external environment, the Area and the fighting at all levels of management of medical information officer in the line with confidence, will be refined through its own operational capacity and improve academic level of development of Jiangxi Area to lay a solid foundation.
   In the South District will maintain the "unity, dedication, hard work and dedication," Kin spirit, carry forward the "face reality, did say," the concept of health security act, in and outside of many subjective and objective difficulties and challenges, the full interpretation of health An academic extension model, making it more close to the South District of the regional market conditions, and thus play its strong vitality. In the South District staff will be its own actions to create a new future for the tireless efforts of the company to enhance the academic status of species and enhance the company's brand image to contribute their efforts.